CalPoly Annual Digital Art Exhibition • University Art Gallery • February 21 - 28, 2014

More info forthcoming.

Pathfinders • Modern Language Association Conference • January 9 - 12, 2014

The Pathfinders Exhibit at MLA 2014 put on by Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop.

Digital Arts Open Studio • UCSC Digital Arts Research Center • December 2nd, 2011

In the course of the four hours of Open Studio there were roughly 1,000 interactions, although due to the fact that all of those took place on the same three devices (iPads) it makes analyzing how the audience experienced the narrative on an individual basis fairly impossible. Hypothetically it could be determined how long each viewer spent on each interaction, but again because devices were being shared and swapped, there's no way to tell which interaction went with which person. There are eight sections to interact with for each collage, and three collages. From that data it is estimated about fifty people interacted with the collage section of the piece.

As a gross generalization, the viewers divided up into three groups. Some people really engaged with the narrative. Some people read once and then just clicked the eyes, or clicked the eyes and only read the titles. And some people got really obsessed and read all the text, and interacted with the cabinet for extended periods of time.

On the whole the experience of finding augmented objects on the posters seemed to be extraordinarily engaging. Viewers got so locked into that mode that it required outside intervention in many cases to get them to realize their virtual experience was modifying the physical display on the wall.

There were also many cases of people pairing up with friends. There would be one “interactor” that would trigger the narrative, and the other person would alert them to changes on the wall, or suggest places to click. There were only a few instances where different people tried to use the same collage, and in each of those cases at some point the text was triggered and changed before one was finished reading it. After that they usually moved to a different collage so they could be the only person using it.

The cabinet disconcerted, enchanted, and bemused interactors. Most of them had trouble getting the pieces of paper out, but grasped the concept easily once shown. Only a handful of people stuck it out and opened all the drawers. It was very interesting as well to see different peoples' abilities to knock the patterns in the same method they were programmed into the machine.

Future Exhibitions

Whispers is a highly modular installation, which can be successfully displayed with as simple or complex and involved a methodology as the space requires. It can work in the following manner, going from least complex to most:

  1. Three collages hung with augmented reality icons and augmented reality text, requiring no projector or additional set up. Basically a traditional hanging. Wi-Fi access highly, highly suggested.
  2. Three collages hung with augmented reality displayed via projector and webpage. Much more immersive and engaging, but requires a dedicated computer (only needs to be able to run a web browser) and a projector configured for the space.
  3. Three collages and hourglass with augmented text. The hourglass requires cellphone reception within the space.
  4. Three collages, hourglass and cabinet. The entire narrative, as outlined in the project.

Whispers is currently searching for exhibition space! If you are interested in displaying this piece as part of an exhibition, please contact me and I will be more than happy to talk specifics!

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