About Me

I am an infovore and a pattern-seeker, building a cathedral composed of unlikely materials. I'm currently working primarily in the mediums of augmented reality, interactive projection, and alternate reality games. My work lately is tending thematically towards issues of memory, loss, embodiment, and subjective context.

I'm interested primarily in novel arrangements of narrative and reader interface, and how stories can use each to enhance the content of the other. I have a strong predilection for the cutting-edge, which means I want to make things using the newest tools. I'm also sensitive to bullshit, which means that I despise gimmicky work that doesn't utilize its unique form to suit its content. Hopefully I avoid that in my work as much as possible. But I'm still suspicious. Mostly I just try to do crazy things with computers.

I've been published a couple times, and exhibited a couple times. I am still very hungry. If you would like to invite me into your space, send me an email.

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