I have written some things which were written the way most people write things.


Augmented and Alternate Reality Game Design Patterns • co-authored with John Murray
The 2012 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work- Mixed Reality Games workshop

Reading Augmented Spaces and the Dimensions that Define Them • co-authored with John Murray
ELO 2012- Electrifying Literature Affordances and Constraints

Short Stories

Pinocchio- 2010 International Aeon Award (Second Place). Published in Albedo One issue 41 January 2012
We weren’t clockworks. I want to make that perfectly clear, here in the beginning. We weren’t stoolies, we weren’t mechanicked. We never let the Clockman touch us. Never let him put his hands inside us, the way he did the tin soldiers. No...our problem was we just weren’t focused. Couldn’t stay straight-lined to one task long enough to carry through. The Woodcarver knew that--sometimes I think it’s why he sold us in the first place.

Logger- published in Andromeda Spaceways Issue 12
I packed up my things and left, taking with me a log of that first cottonwood as a memory of Old Man McGregor. And now I travel across the frontier, hunting trees, taking on groves by myself, with the old man’s hoarse battle cry still in my ears and an eye to the horizon for the shadow of Murd’rous Red. And when people ask me how I do it--where I learnt to fight like I do--I look them in the eye and I tell them this story.

Flash Fiction

Brillig- Flashquake Vol. 4, Issue 3 (editor's pick)
The world around him disappears with a whining scream, and he glares into the spoon held tight in his hands. He wavers, thins, and goes ghost-pale, but he stays there. Seeing his own reflection, creating himself. Snake devouring his own tail. And he’s laughing that awful laugh, God the same laugh as he murdered Time with the shards of a metal metronome. Because now he can see the mirrors, all of them, hanging in the empty whiteness like silver eyes. He strolls over to one, whistling, top hat cocked to one side, left eye always on his reflection.

Wading Ashore- Short, Fast, and Deadly Issue 31
One day the water went bad. Crabs and sea turtles swarmed to shore, gibbering in strange tongues. No one knew why, but soon we began to see.


"Fraternis"- Goblin Fruit Fall 2010 (Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year #3)
"Blackbird"- Twilight Times October 2003

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