"He doesn't know yet. At least she doesn't think he does. How all of that is so beautiful, and so impossible. It would break his heart, and so she tells him how the magnolia is in bloom, how the seasons still turn in their place. How the birds still sing in their sleep, and the most beautiful dreams are the ones we don't remember."

From Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers is an interactive narrative concerning memory and the passage of time, leveraging augmented reality for its display. The story is composed of several text and image segments connected visually in a state-based manner such that the process of viewing them changes their arrangement and availability.

Gallery installation consists of hanging three collage pieces and a small cabinet. Viewers use their smartphones or provided iPads to view the elements and interact with them, which in turn modifies the database the narrative is stored on such that the content pool driving the other collages is changed. Thus, the viewer’s experience moving piece-to-piece is one that is contextually driven.

The first part paints the scene of three characters that are close friends. The order the posters are viewed in determines which one of the friends is removed from the narrative by the end of the scene.

The second part is a small cabinet which opens one of six compartments depending on the pattern knocked upon its top. The object within the drawer will symbolically represent the unique state of the remaining character for that reading, and displays the closing text when seen through the viewer.

From Closed Rooms, Soft Whispers is concerned with humanizing a high-technology concept through interaction with real world objects, blurring the border between the physical medium and the digital media overlaid upon it. Its focus is how memories and feelings are triggered and re-experienced through objects all around us, providing a symbolic afterlife for the people and events they evoke, long after the passage of time has removed them from our lives.

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